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Database and Network
Journal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ISSN 0265-4490
Vol.48.  No.6

Nine Ways to Safeguard Privileged User Accounts and Protect Your Kingdom.
Anusha K Muralidharan, Product Consultant, ManageEngine.
Five Steps to Preparing for the Future in the Manufacturing Sector.
Andy Coussins, senior vice president and head of sales, international,
Epicor Soft
US Will Be Left in China’s Wake in the Quest for Gigabit Broadband.
Rethink Technology Research.
Ucaas Vendors That Offer Programmable Solutions and Partner with Third-party
Software Vendors Will Thrive in a Challenging  Market. 
Frost & Sullivan.           
All I Want for Christmas: A Ciso's Wishlist.                                                  
Paul German, CEO, Certes Networks.          
MCC Solutions and Services Will Finally Be Deployed to First Responders in 2019. 
Technology Buyers Favour Spreading the Cost of Mobile Workforce Computing.   
Jenkins Community Releases Fifth Annual Devops and Jenkins Community Survey.
The Jenkins Community.
In 2019 Key Technologies Will Leap into the Mainstream. 
The Skills Every DevOps Engineer Must Have in 2019.                                 
Eran Kinsbruner, lead technical evangelist at Perfecto.     
A Look at 2019: What Will Be the Devops Game Changers in the New Year?
Eran Kinsbruner, Lead Technical Evangelist at Perfecto.    
Encouraging DevOps Culture.
Annie Andrews, Head of Technology at Curo Talent.  
The Evolving Role of the CISO.
How digitalisation is bringing the fight to industrial security threats.
Robin Whitehead, Boulting Technology.  
How Chinese Travellers Use Technology Abroad.
Brad McKenn,University of East Anglia, Wenjie Cai, University of Greenwich and
Tuure Tuunanen, University of Jyväskylä.
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Software World
ISSN 0038-0642
Vol.49. No.6

Fighting Hidden Software Risks on Defence Agency Networks.
Vincent Smyth, Senior Vice President, EMEA at Flexera.      
Understanding the Power of Deep Learning: An Introductory Look at How this Technology Works.
Jennifer Roubaud, the VP of UK and Ireland for Dataiku.
Future Technologies and the Impact on Mobile Workforces and Their Devices. Panasonic.          7
Gartner Identifies the Human Touch as the Strongest Element in AI.
Early AI Adopters: The Biggest Challenge of Enterprise AI is Localized Talent.
Dataiku and Ovum.        
Blockchain Will Go Far beyond Its Origins to Create Industries of the Future.
Improving Productivity with Facial Recognition.
Jonathan Wilkins, EU Automation.         

Shaping the Industry around Brexit. Technology trends for 2019.
Sean Robinson, Novotek UK and Ireland.        
The Importance of Context in Data Collection.
George Walker, Managing director Novotek UK and Ireland.    
Cloud Infrastructure Spend Surpasses Spend on Legacy IT. 
Cloud Industry Forum.
Vaporworms, Global Internet Disruption and Rogue AI Chatbots         
Warnings for 2019. WatchGuard.  
Global Iot Technology Market Set to Reach $318bn by 2023.       
Entering the New Age of the CISO.
Paul German, CEO, Certes Networks.
E-commerce - Wired or Wireless?
Maria Torrisi, JMartans Automation.

Online Sellers Fail to Use Own Data to Improve Business Performance.
Sana Commerce.          
The Amazon Effect—How Manufacturers Can Gain Back Momentum.
Terri Hiskey, Epicor Software.          
Only 20% of IBM Mainframe Customers Are Embracing Multi-factor Authentication to Protect Data
and Applications.
Macro 4.   
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