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Database and Network Journal                                                                                                                                                      
ISSN 0265-4490
Vol.50.  No.6

Why Do You Need a Global Footprint for Your Cloud? 
Sarah Doherty, Product Marketing Manager at iland.
Is Digital Transformation the Answer to the Recovery of SMEs?                                         
Wisteria Accountants.
More Speed, More Devices, but Infrastructure is Lagging Behind.                     
Vincentas Grinius, CEO at IPXO.
Cloud Services Helped over 90 per Cent of UK Businesses to
Mitigate the IT Challenge of COVID.                                                   
The Cloud Industry Forum.
COVID-19 Crisis Accentuating the Need to Bridge Digital Divides.
Direct to Consumer, Augmented Reality and Sustainability:
The Key Ecommerce Trends for 2021.                                     
You Refreshed Your Website and Re-opened Your Shop but without     
an App, How Many Customers Are You Not Engaging with?
Malcolm Carroll, Director, BlueFinity.
Containerisation and Cloud-native Apps Will Define the 2021                     
Data Storage Landscape.
Cyberthreats Report Predicts 2021 Will Be The “Year of Extortion”.
Gartner Unveils Top Marketing Predictions for 2021 and Beyond.
Ending Digital Platform Dystopia.
UCL Associate Professor JP Vergne.
Debunking the Myths. How Machine Learning Benefits Cyber Security.
Security HQ
Eight Intelligent Automation Predictions for 2021.
Liz Benson, Senior Strategy Director at Kofax.
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Software World
ISSN 0038-0642
Vol.52. No.2

Now Is the Time to Digitize the Commodity Value Chain.                                 
Paul MacGregor, head of sales and marketing at Perfect Channel.
Three Reasons the Security Industry Is Protecting the Wrong Thing.                     
Paul German, CEO, Certes Networks.
Why the Education Sector Needs to Make Cyber Security a Priority.                           
Disconnect Between Enterprise Data Access Requirements and Current Capabilities to Make Data-Driven Decisions.                                                Starburst and Red Hat.
The Rise of Kubernetes and the Growing Challenge Around Data Protection.
Florian Malecki, International Product Marketing Senior Director,                    StorageCraft.
2021 Cybersecurity Outlook: Attackers vs. Defenders.                       
VMware Security Business Unit.
Hold on to IT Talent with Salary and Certifications.                                   
Global Knowledge.
Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2021.                       
Fighting Back in 2021: 4 Best Practices for Security Teams.                           
Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at the VMware Security Business Unit.
HMRC Starts Crack down on IT Sector R&D Tax Credit Claims.
Tom Heslin, ForrestBrown.
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