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Database and Network Journal                                                                                                                                                                            ISSN 0265-4490
Vol.49.  No.3

How Software and Technology Businesses Can Enhance Customer Engagement.
Sud Kumar, marketing director at Origin.         
Devops Analytics: Has Your Firm Got the Right Toolkit?
Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto.
“Bringing People Together” – How Microsoft Teams and Other Collaboration Tools
are Transforming Customer Service.
Alex Black, Chief Technology Officer, Enghouse Interactive.  
Could Your Most Trusted Employee Be Your Biggest Threat?
Andy Pearch, Head of IA Services, CORVID.
You’ve Got IIoT All Wrong.
Focussing less on tech and more on impact is key to success in the 4IR.
George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland.  
Scaling up with Confidence through Devops.
Gordon Cullum, CTO, Mastek.      
Closing the Gap between Expectation and Reality When It Comes to AI and Software 2.0.
Ian Huston, Data Scientist and Engineering Director at Pivotal Dublin.   
Empowering the Manufacturing Industry Through Decentralised AI.
Andy Coussins, senior vice president at Epicor Software.      
How to Future-proof Your Growing SME with an Operational Management System.
Chris May, CEO of Mayden, an established SME in Bath and creators of the operational
management system, Orbit.
How Data Can Build the Smart Cities of the Future.
Nathan Sykes, tech writer for Kolabtree.
Achieving the Smart Factory Ideal.
Terri Hiskey, vice president of product marketing, Epicor Software.    
How to Integrate Semantic AI into Enterprise Processes?
5 experts share their Tips and Trends.  
How Can Organisations Effectively Manage, Detect and Respond to a Data Breach?                                                    
Andy Pearch, Head of IA Services at CORVID
The Changing Role of the DBA in a Data Protection-first World.
Matt Hilbert, Redgate Software.
Security News and Products                    

Software World
ISSN 0038-0642
Vol.50. No.3
The Rise of the ‘Citizen Data Scientist’ – How Humanised Machine Learning Is
Augmenting Human Intelligence.
Nathan Korda, Director of Research, Mind Foundry.      
Cyber Liability Insurance – How MSPs Can Ensure they Follow the Right
Protocols for Protection.
Michael Mittel, President, RapidFire Tools, a Kaseya Company.    
UK Organisations Demand More from Their Data, despite Achieving 110%
Return on Data Management Investments.
Veritas Technologies.            
Cyber Readiness Levels Stall as Attacks Reach New Intensity.
International study shows no improvement in corporate defences despite
soaring cyber losses.
New Skill Sets and AI to Be the Future; Organizations Not Turning 
Massive Data Opportunity into Meaningful Business Outcome.
Splunk Inc.              
Foldable Phones Are Hitting the Headlines, but What Does That                     
Mean for Devops?                                                                                               
Eran Kinsbruner, chief evangelist for Perfecto.      
Gartner Reports.
CEO Priorities Are Slowly Shifting to Meet Rising Growth Challenges, 90% of
Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Initiatives Will Suffer ‘Blockchain Fatigue’  by 2023
and End-User Spending on IT Services in India to Reach $15 Billion in 2019.
Gartner Inc.               
Inaugural Device Cloud Research based on Leading Device Intelligence.
Forescout Technologies, Inc.            
86% of Companies Plan to Increase IT Transformation Investment Over Next Five Years.
Datrium Inc.              
Half of Businesses Lack Skills Needed to Effectively Manage Cloud Security.
Claranet Research.             
Accelerating Quantum Technologies with Materials Processing at the Atomic Scale.
The University of Oxford.           
IT News and Products           
Security News and Products