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Database and Network
Journal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ISSN 0265-4490
Vol.48.  No.5


Next Generation Networks — It’s Not All Software and Bots.
Chris Gilmour, Technical Practice Lead and Mark Holder, Axians UK.
Why Your Process Data Is Useless.
The potential of IoT lies in the right approach, not just the right data.
Sean Robinson, service leader at Novotek UK.
AI Can Transform Recruitment If Algorithms Are Tuned Correctly.
Charles Hipps, CEO, Oleeo.
How to Develop Subscription-based Apps.
Eran Kinsbruner, Technical Evangelist at Perfecto.
Benefits of Edge Computing in Industry.
How edge computing is becoming central to a new efficiency revolution.
George Walker, Novotek UK.  
Effective Channel Shift Is Less about the Technology and More about the People It Affects.                                                                          
Colin Whelan, Principal WFO Solutions Consultant at Aspect Software.  

Five Reasons Why Investing in Technology Can Help Grow Your Business.
Scott Hays, senior vice president, product marketing at Epicor
From Scalability to Customisation: Why Industry 4.0 is Helping Manufacturers Grow.
Terri Hiskey, Vice President of Product Marketing for Epicor Software.  
Key Trends in The Workplace and E-Commerce.
Ingram Micro UK and Sana Commerce.  
Global IT Spending to Grow 3.2 Percent in 2019.
Gartner Inc.  
Why Hasn’t IT Embraced Remote Working?
Jarek Grzeskowiak, Curo Talent.  
Transitioning to Remote Working - Best Practice for Always On VPN Deployment.
Mark Twining of Curo Talent.  
The Digital Transformation of Customer Service Needs Another Push.
Organisations Implementing DevSecOps Address Flaws 11x Faster Than Others.
CA Veracode.    
Broadband World Forum 2019, Berlin    
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Software World
ISSN 0038-0642
Vol.49. No.5

Blockchain–an Enabler for Supply Chain Transparency and Business Growth.             
Terri Hiskey, VP product marketing, manufacturing,at Epicor Software Corporation.            

Why Automated Testing Isn’t Happening as Fast as It Should (and What We Can Do about It).         
Bradbury Hart, Senior VP of product management for Perfecto.   
China’s Semiconductor Fab Capacity to Reach 20 Percent Worldwide Share in 2020,
Region’s Equipment Market Expected to Rise to Top.
You Are The Biggest IoT Security Threat!
Kimmo Aura, Program Director, Business Finland, Connectivity.    
Hype Cycle for Data Management, Governments Making Slow Progress with Digital Initiatives
and Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue.       

How Can Online Merchants Tackle Fraud Head-on Once and for All?         
Karsten Witke, Head of Risk Payment Services at PPRO Group.   
Customer Experience Is Now the Top Priority for Quality Assurance.   
Capgemini’s World Quality Report          
A Perfect Storm: Nordic Data Centre Trends 2018.
Sustainable data centres ‘critical’ to future of business.     
2018 State of the Software Supply Chain Report.
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New Books -
Bits to Bitcoin. How Our Digital Stuff Works.
Mark Stuart Day

"Human Capital Systems, Analytics, and Data Mining" in CRC Series         
Data Mining & Knowledge. By Robert Hughes